About us

About us

AIFC Expat Centre (AEC) is a specialised multifunctional centre, designed to create and foster a favourable environment for foreign nationals to reside and do business in Kazakhstan, and to facilitate their comprehensive integration into local society. AEC provides foreign investors and experts with access to a variety of government and social-oriented soft-landing services on a “one-stop shop” basis. The AEC brings under one umbrella a wide range among the following services:

More than 500 government services related to:

  • Visa and migration issues;
  • Registration as a taxpayer;
  • Obtaining individual identification number (IIN) and electronic digital signature (EDS);
  • Vehicle registration, driver's licence, vehicle number plates.

Ancillary services assisting in:

  • Finding accommodation;
  • Medical services;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Relocation services.

The AEC specialised services:

  • Personal Manager;
  • Team Assistant.
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