I'm not in Astana yet

I'm not in Astana yet

Do you plan to move to Astana city as an expat?

Below you’ll find all the essential information you need to get started on your journey, which will help you to move in easily and smoothly. 

Foreign nationals are not allowed to work in the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan without a corresponding visa category or registration, therefore, please find information on visa types that can be obtained through AIFC Expat Centre (https://expatcentre.aifc.kz/visa-types/).

Before arriving please make sure to look through entry visa requirements and to hold the right documents.

General rules:
● Foreign Citizens enter and leave the Republic of Kazakhstan through the checkpoints on the state border using valid passports and visas (if required); 
● The visa expires at least 3 months before the expiry date of the passport; 
● The permitted period of stay for citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan ends upon the expiration of the visa or registration; 
● Foreign Citizens are not allowed to conduct activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan without the corresponding permits; 
● The host party and foreign citizens are responsible for compliance with the terms and procedures of entry, stay and and exit for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Please download the Expats' guidebook for AIFC participants and for non-participants

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