Important updates in Kazakhstan State Border crossing procedure
Important updates in Kazakhstan State Border crossing procedure
AIFC Expat Centre
08 February 2021 20:19:09
On February 4th, 2021 the following amendments have been made to the State Border Crossing Procedure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, that was prior established on May 11, 2020 during the quarantine restrictions period.
Foreigners with Kazakhstani residence permits and their family members, as well as foreigners who are close relatives of the citizens of the RoK (spouse, parents, children) are allowed to cross the state border no more than once in every 30 days period (previously the limit was once in every 90 days priod).
It is important to mention that this restriction DOES NOT apply to:
  • foreigners who have received permit from the Interdepartmental Commitee for multiple entry and exit;
  • citizens of those countries with which Kazakhstan has resumed direct regular flights;
We kindly remind you, that crossing of the state border of the RoK by foreigners and stateless persons is temporarily limited until the sanitary and epidemiological situation improves .
The exception are: the diplomats, members of official delegations, certain categories of employees in the transportation sector, citizens of Russian Federation who travel to Baikonur or enter as part of military service, ethnic Kazakhs with a valid Kazakhstan visa category "C10", "B8" or identity documents, with a mark of belonging to the Kazakh nationality and members of their families.
Please read the updated border crossing procedure at

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