Personal manager service
Personal manager service
AIFC Expat Centre
20 January 2021 15:20:36

Dear friends, 

As you have noticed we do our best to come up with new ideas and decisions making your life easier.

You requested, we did it for you - our new feature “Personal Manager” service!

How it works?

It is a new service developed for the convenience of our clients, who due to the lack of time cannot deal with all the formalities in obtaining required services, i.e. visa or IIN, searching for accommodation, opening a bank account and other related services.

  • Quality. We guarantee the quality of the service provided by your personal manager - all the documents will be prepared professionally on a turnkey basis just in time.
  • Simplicity and less time. We minimise your involvement into the process that would give you a chance to concentrate on your core activities and spend more time on other goals and processes.
  • Pre-check. All the documents are being expertised by our professional staff before the submission to respective government authorities.
  • Customer support. Your personal manager is always available for you and ready to help on every step of the process. We want you to enjoy the process and ditch the stress of getting a service!

What it includes?

  • Complete assistance in obtaining government and non-government services.
  • Typing, printing out and scanning required official requests.
  • Completion of all necessary forms and applications.
  • Consultation and expertise on preparing the full package of documents.
  • Assisting on accompanying services.
  • Remote communication and submission.
  • Individual approach.
  • And even more!

Why should you choose?

We adopt an individual approach to our work with each customer, focusing on specific and taking into consideration all the needs and requirements of your company. Our customers are getting professional, well-trained team with the years of experience always ready to help and support.

Should you have any further clarifications or queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact AIFC Expat Centre team. We will provide all the details with pleasure!

Hard issues, smart solutions.

Your Experts for Expats.

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