Notification and registration

Notification and registration

Notification on arrival

  • Since January 11, 2020, foreign nationals are exempted from the mandatory passport registration procedure at the Migration Authority if they stay for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days.
  • The host party in Kazakhstan (i.e. legal entities, individuals, hotels, landlords, etc.) is obliged to notify the Migration Authority on arrival of a foreign national (visa holder, visa-free visitor) within 3 business days at each entry to the country.

Please make sure that the required notification is submitted correctly by the host party to avoid troubles at the border control when leaving the country.

Notification can be processed: 

  • Via the state Visa-Migration Portal ( The service is available for both individuals and legal entities. To use the portal you are required to have the E-Digital Signature keys;

Please keep in mind, that failure to comply with the visa and migration regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan will lead to administrative prosecution under the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Temporary Permit for Stay

Who needs to obtain temprorary permit for stay?

  • citizens of CIS countries, who plan to stay in the country for more than 30 calendar days;
  • citizens of EAEU state members (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic), who plan to stay in the country for more than 90 calendar days.

Required documents:

  • Certificate of registration (from Egov);
  • Order of appointment of the first head in Kazakh or Russian languages;
  • Shareholder resolution on appointment of the first head of the Company in Kazakh or Russian languages;
  • Power of attorney for a citizen of Kazakhstan to represent the interests of the company (when a third party applies);
  • Notification on arrival ( or;
  • Letter from inviting party;
  • Clear copy of passport (certified with a notary stamp);
  • Foreign citizen’s IIN (Individual Identification Number);
  • First head's or representative's IIN;
  • Notarised consent of the apartment owner, his/her IIN;
  • Certificate of registered rights on real estate (if applicable);
  • Payment of the service fee; 
  • Employment contract/expert agreement, registered in the unified system of accounting for employment contracts "UTDMS" or a civil law contract for the performance of work;
  • Document confirming high quilifiсation (legalised/apostilled) and document confirming experience (resume);
  • For dependents birth/marriage certificates are required;
  • Payment of the service fee; 
  • Document confirming a fingerprint registration; 
  • Logging form

*Verification of compliance with qualification requirements and document review takes a certain amount of time.

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